martes, 17 de enero de 2012

I´m still here

I’m still here
Telling you my beautiful, true lies
You even don’t perceive how mildly they tangle around your mind
As if were made of fine silk...
And I nearly trust you
When you close your eyes and slowly walk away
And I don’t notice that the distance has stretched out like a cobweb
The strings break, dew drops fall
Or maybe they are just dying stars?...
I’m still here
And tactfully don’t say the big words
They lock up in coffins like unforgivable sins
And you carry the precious golden key with you
As the final unplayed trump card
How to divide this silence in two
When all the constancies are changing and laughing at us?
Meanwhile the time handcuffs our memory criminals
And I keep telling myself my favourite lies
Waiting to turn them into a fact...


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